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flange screw and across tank mixers
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CAT: Industrial Mixers | Flange, Screw and Across Tank Mixers

Flange, Screw and Across Tank Mixers

  • Flange mount 50-6535 BFL-3 on drum lid or closed top mounting on vessels to 800 gallons. Mixing viscosities up to 5,000 centipoise in 55 gallon vessels, lighter viscosities in larger vessels.
  • Screw mount, bunge entering 50-6787 for mixing liquids up to 2,000 centipoise in 55 gallon vessels. Collapsible 4" propellers reduce to 2" for entry into a drum and opens to 4" when shaft is turning.
  • Across tank/cross-arm 50-4405 and 50-4406-B horizontal clamps mount across drum or manway opening for mixing liquids, up to 5,000 centipoise, in vessels to 55 gallons and lighter viscosities in vessels up to 500 gallons. Dual apposing propellers provide efficient liquid turnover.