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CAT: Solvent Recyclers | Automotive Solvent Recycler (URS2000SS)

Automotive Solvent Recycler (URS2000SS)

  • Tank Capacity: 20 US Gal (80 litres), Stainless Steel
  • Speed: 20 US Gal in about 8-10 hours
  • Solvent Transfer: Auto-transfer, in and out
  • Air Pressure: Min 85 PSI, unit complete with pressure
    regulator and filter
  • Power Supply: 220/240V, 3400W, 20A
  • Heater: 3300W
  • Enhanced control features and digital display provide easy settings for: 1.) Dryer waste residue, 2.) automatic or timed heater shut-off 3.) Maximum temperature set points in °F or °C and 4.) Regulatation of the rate of recycling using heating power percentage.