Wadsworth, Ohio
industrial solid waste solvent recycler
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CAT: Solvent Recyclers | Industrial Solid Waste Solvent Recycler (DB100N-NB)

Industrial Solid Waste Solvent Recycler (DB100N-NB)

  • Recycles 17 gallons in 8-12 hours, up to 85 gallons per week (17 gal x 5 days)
  • Stainless steel tank and condenser
  • Dimensions: 42”W x 23”D x 47”H
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, single phase
  • Control System: Operational control and continuous monitoring by sophisticated micro-processor.
  • Many built-in safety programs. Continuous self-diagnostics with error messages. Self test mode.
  • Solvent Transfer: Auto-transfer, in and out.
  • Reclaim lacquer thinners used to remove paint and debris from spray painting equipment
  • Blue drums and hoses in picture are not included