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CAT: Air Replacement Systems | Make-Up Air Unit (TT Series)

Make-Up Air Unit (TT Series)

  • Premium, industrial-grade, direct-fired, make-up air handlers - TT-Series
  • Applications include: water treatment, manufacturing, commercial kitchens, vehicle and product finishing, aircraft hangars and heavy industrial applications
  • 1,600 to 85,000 CFM 
  • Industrial-grade, heavy duty, unibody welded steel cabinet construction 
  • Variable volume – 100% outdoor air or recirculation for building pressurization
  • Upright or horizontal, indoor or outdoor configurations 
  • Motors, belts and bearings located outside of airstream for ease of maintenance 
  • Energy saving dual blower design 
  • Evaporative or DX and chilled water cooling available
  • ETL listed for all models in the United States